Do I Need a Network Certification?

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Do I Need a Network Certification?

There are quite a few people out there who have incredible abilities with a computer and with computer networking that they learned on their own. For such individuals, network certification school might seem superfluous. This is not the case, however. Pursuing network certifications does something very important and, more than that, it does something very important for you and an employer.

Known Quantity

When an employer hires someone, they are immediately taking on a cost. Training an individual, orienting them to the company’s policies and all of the other procedures that the employer has to go through costs them real money. When you’re looking for a job, understand that the employer is seeing you as a potential investment. A good employer is not going to want to make a bad investment in terms of human resources. Having a network certification allows an employer to proceed with their investment in you with more confidence in what they’re going to get out of it.

Whether you go to an online network certification school or a brick-and-mortar school is really irrelevant. It’s the quality of your education that matters. Your network certification will demonstrate to an employer that they’re not going to have to start off training you as if you had never seen a computer before in your life. It shows them that, not only can you boldly state your qualifications in an interview, you can also backup those qualifications with your certification. That goes a long way.

If you have a natural ability at computer networking, network certifications are not going to inhibit you from utilizing the skills that you have. In fact, no matter how good you are at this, it’s likely that you have a lot to learn that you’re not aware of. Your network certification demonstrates that, not only do you have good networking skills, you also have the ability to practically apply them to real-world situations. This is what employers are looking for.

If your network certification is enough to get you in the door, you can establish your computer wizardry afterward. Your network certification, however, will be one of the only things that the employer has to go on as far as your skills are concerned that establishes that you are able to do the work that they need done. If you have that certification in your hand, it greatly increases the chances that they are going to take you seriously and that they are going to want to take you on as a new hire.

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