Why Network Certification Matters

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Why Network Certification Matters

If you’re wondering whether or not network certifications are worth the money that you pay for them, consider that question from the perspective of an employer. Most companies – even small businesses – have probably spent into the tens of thousands of dollars for their IT infrastructure. That figure gets exponentially higher as the size of the business increases. When they hire people to take care of their networks, they’re going to want some assurance that the person went to a network certification school to establish that that potential employee can actually do their job.

Low Risk

The days when you could show up at a potential employer’s office and impress them with your natural computer skills are long gone. Most of the successful network technicians working today went to some sort of a network certification school to get their credentials. They may have gone to an online network certification school or they may have attended school at a brick-and-mortar facility. Either way, the fact that they do have a genuine certification means that their employer is taking less risk in hiring them. If there’s one thing that successful businesses don’t like to do, it’s take unreasonable risks.


In the world of IT, it’s quite frequent for people to confuse having worked on a particular system with being qualified to work on any and every other system. Going to a network certification school provides you with foundational skills that allow you to work on a variety of different systems. After you’ve completed your studies, you will understand networks from the inside out, so different operating systems, network topologies and other factors will not necessarily confuse you. Even if you are not familiar with a new technology that comes into your workplace, you will have those foundational skills, which will enable you to study the new networking system on your own and to learn it.

Moving Up

Network certifications do provide you with a great deal of upward mobility. Even though it’s already been said that a network certification provides you with the capacity to learn new systems, most employers would rather promote from within so that the people they’re promoting are already familiar with their business process and their IT infrastructure. If you have a network certification under your belt, it makes you much more attractive as a candidate for promotion. Whether you get an online network certification or a certification from somewhere else, you’ll find that the benefits are just as profound.

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